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Even if we dont reach them completely we can say weve made progress, and progress is good.
Realistically, there will be days I can do nothing but slog through from morning to night and congratulate myself for simply existing luxola promo code zoeva with chronic pain, but every day isnt like that,.
But this is the plan and I anticipate finishing my novel by the end of the year.
A novel is harder than poetry or a book of short stories, since when working full-time it takes an immense amount of focus day after day crammed into bits of free space.In the end, its the host who gets the clicks, lets remember this.Or they dont even make any because they know theyll fail.This aligns with my goal of having fun blogging and interacting with bloggers, but not wasting time doing boring, obsessive stuffs.But I dont feel like a failure.Ive made progress and will continue to.

I planned to take a long (for me) walk to start the year off nicely.
Linking back to the prompt post should be enough.
It brings me great joy, both writing and interacting with people who love to write.But I awoke with a migraine not from booze, lol.Onto forming happier, more productive traditions!But I stayed up very late and its crazy windy too, both of which are triggers.Its only going to get worse with the 2020 election coming.But Im not going to click frogs or create more tags or follow a pile of arbitrary rules just to bring more readers to the prompt host.I have created a few new tags for my faves, okay.Going along with this goal is reading less news.No more spending gobs of time trawling through old albums taking photos of photos.This past year I was not very active at all and though I cant do a lot, I can do a little, and I want to do that little bit.