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Code reduction hotel bb

code reduction hotel bb

(BBB) "Computer software" means a set of coded instructions designed to cause a computer or automatic data processing equipment to perform a task.
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TBD, SB 172, 1, eff.(c) If the additional revenues provided to the transit authority are pledged by the authority for the payment of revenue bonds issued under section 306.37 of the Revised Code, for as long as such bonds are outstanding, no reduction of the authority's allocation of tax.(20) Sales of emergency and fire protection vehicles and equipment to nonprofit organizations for use solely in providing fire protection and emergency services, including trauma care and emergency medical services, for political subdivisions of the state; (21) Sales of tangible personal property manufactured in this.(4) (a) In the case of a person who purchases printed matter for the purpose of distributing it or having it distributed to the public or to a designated segment of the public, free of charge, that person is the consumer of that printed matter."Receive" does not include possession by a shipping company on behalf of a consumer.If the amount refundable is less than the amount of the debt, it may be applied in partial satisfaction of the debt."900 service" does not include the charge for collection services provided by the seller of the telecommunications service to the subscriber, or services or products sold by the subscriber to the subscriber's customer.(d) "Vertical service" means an ancillary service that is offered in connection with one or more telecommunications services, which offers advanced calling features that allow customers to identify callers and manage multiple calls and call connections, including conference bridging service.

The resolution takes effect on the date the board of county commissioners receives notification from the board of elections of an affirmative vote.
In the case of mobile telecommunications services, "place of primary use" must be within the licensed service area of the home service provider.
(c) "Other direct mail" means direct mail that is not advertising and promotional direct mail, regardless of whether advertising and promotional direct mail is included in the same mailing.
(VV) "Mobile telecommunications service" has the same meaning as in the "Mobile Telecommunications Sourcing Act Pub.(X) "Providing a service" means providing or furnishing anything described in division (B) (3) of this section for consideration.If a refund is granted for payment of an illegal or erroneous assessment issued by the commissioner, the refund shall include interest computed at the rate per annum prescribed under section 5703.47 of the Revised Code.(D) On or before the annual date prescribed in a resolution adopted under division (B 2) or (3) of this section, the fiscal officer of a municipal corporation or township receiving revenue from a county or transit authority under this section shall certify a list.When the new location has been verified as being within the same county, the commissioner shall authorize the transfer and notify the county auditor of the change of location.Le représentant du peuple Gauthier abroge cette obligation le, en arrêtant que " les communes reprendront leurs anciennes dénominations, nonobstant tous arrêtés contraires, jusqu'à ce qu'elles aient été autorisées par décret.The price on which the tax shall be paid is the aggregate value in money of anything previously paid or delivered, or promised to be paid or delivered, by the new motor vehicle dealer for that dealer's previous purchase of the new manufactured or mobile.(c) Each fractional owner owns or possesses at least a one-sixteenth interest in at least one fixed-wing program aircraft.(II) "Building maintenance and janitorial service" means cleaning the interior or exterior of a building and any tangible personal property located therein or thereon, including any services incidental to such cleaning for which no separate charge is made.(7) To provide additional revenue for the operation or maintenance of a detention facility, as that term is defined under division (F) of section 2921.01 of the Revised Code; (8) To provide revenue to finance the construction or renovation of a sports facility, but only.(45) Sales of telecommunications service that is used directly and primarily to perform the functions of a call center.The resolution shall state the purpose for which the tax is to be levied and the number of years for which the tax is to be levied, or that it is for a continuing period of time.

(F) Whenever a vendor refunds the price, minus any separately stated delivery charge, of an item of tangible personal property on which the tax imposed under this chapter has been paid, the vendor shall also refund the amount of tax paid, minus the amount.
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