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Orlando should probably be a playoff team in the Eastern Conference.
The Bulls also have rookie Bobby Portis.
23, the Wolves fell 125-104 to the Cavaliers in Cleveland.He should fit in nicely code promotion monsieur deguisement in Atlanta.It will be interesting to see how Duncan and Aldridge play together.If you ignore the jerseys, the Clippers are a pretty fun team to watch on the court.It probably didn't hurt that Wiggins had 33 points and Love was just 6-of-14 from the field.The Magic and Wolves might be the two best young teams in the NBA.Hopefully Matthew Dellavedova doesn't hurt anyone.

As a fan, watching Durant and Westbrook live is a sight to see.
3.) Bulls at Wolves - Hoiberg The Head Coach.
Bryant said he hasn't made a decision yet, but General Manager Mitch Kupchak said that Bryant will retire.It also marks the return of Mo Williams, who played briefly for the Wolves last season.For that, we should all sony promo xperia be grateful.4.) Warriors at Wolves - The Champs Come To Town.Wiggins never played a regular season game for the Cavaliers, but that didn't stop him from giving Cleveland fans nightmares last time he played there.The Wolves aren't there yet, but as Brett Favre would say, it looks like the pieces are in place.Does he step out-of-bounds before this dunk?But there are a few people around the league who think the Wolves are building their team similarly to how the Warriors built theirs.By kidnapping keeping DeAndre Jordan, the Clippers remain one of the most intriguing teams in the league.They paid attention to Wiggins' 27 points against the team that drafted him.This one has some historical significance.Expect another sell out and mixed emotions for Love during his second trip back to the Target Center.10.) Hawks at Wolves - The Day Before You Gain 10 Pounds.Remember, they did take first place in the Eastern Conference last season.2.) Cavaliers at Wolves - Love Returns.