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Reduction gearbox with motor

reduction gearbox with motor

The author has more than 500 scientific works in Russian and foreign issue, 20 monographies, more than 200 inventions, including the first patent for superflywheel with a priority of 1964, and several patents for Automatic Continuously Variable Transmission (acvt).
In the reporting period, the hydrocarbons processing volume for the Company in general amounted.1 mln t and grew.9 in comparison with HI 2011.
Such automobile is diy cadeau pour les mariés usually called an electric motor car.
The crude oil production volume decreased.5 and the gas production volume increased.5 against the similar period of the previous year.A new concept of the automobile discussed below, in which the basic power unit represents the source of electric power.For example, such sources as the modern fuel cells, have high specific energy, about 400 W/kg, at a small effective specific power about 60 W/kg at maximum efficiency.On the vehicle the intermediate accumulator of a mechanical energy superflywheel is provided.The installation of an electric power source with the superflywheel in the motor hood space of existing vehicles instead of the engine, therefore, makes it possible to receive an electric motor car or electrobus of the new concept.Moscow State Industrial University, Russia, Moscow, 109280, Avtozavodskaja street 16, Fax: (095) 275-2256, E-mail: (for Prof.Small volume and mass of an obtained power aggregate allow us to mount it on the conventional automobile and bus chassis, after removing the existing aggregates.This combination ensures effective recuperation of energy and eliminates necessity ABS and retarders, that is especially valuable for buses.This concept generally allows us to increase power output of this electric power source and efficiency of the power aggregate, to lower its mass, or to increase run of the vehicle having the same mass of an aggregate.For this case for an electric motor car run of 600 km and electrobus of 400 km, accordingly, these masses are equal.The energy accumulated in a superflywheel is very small it corresponds to energy of conventional hybrid circuits of automobiles, and for both cases is approximately equal.2 kWh.New scheme of a electric motor car.

Gulia are discussed below.
2 offered by Prof.
But to reduce mass of the power aggregate, slightly especially taking into account high mass of tractive drive calculated at maximum torque.
Change country: North AmericaLatin AmericaEuropeMiddle canada (english)Canada RicaDominican RepublicEcuadorEl RicoTrinidad TobagoUruguayVenezuelaOther (German)Switzerland (French)Switzerland (Italian)UkraineOther countriesAbu ArabiaSharjahOther LankaThailandVietnamChina (Mainland)Hong-Kong MacauJapanKazakhstanSouth KoreaTaiwanOther PolynesiaNew CaledoniaNew ZealandOther countries.It should be noted, that variable-speed drive, suitable for the mentioned purposes is developed at the Moscow State Industrial University (msiu) together with the ZIL plant.The significant increase in motor fuel production at the Subsidiary was caused by the substantial esprit voucher code august 2018 rise in feedstock processing volumes.Values are provided for comparison only.Variable-speed drive as a gearbox on automobiles is not more rarity.The associated gas utilization level made.5.3 shows the scheme of city electrobuses of new concept.Planned turnaround and maintenance of the Process Units triggered the slight decrease in the commercial products yield at the Refinery.The power efficiency of such aggregate is insignificant because of small opportunities recuperation of energy and its low efficiency at high rates of specific power.From the beginning of the current year, 317.3 ths m of rock formations was drilled, and 63 new wells were brought into production at the Companys fields.The source of the electric power of the vehicle is selected only by specific energy criterion, that much more reduces a mass of this source.The construction of acvt is licensed.The combination of a multidisk variable-speed drive and superflywheel establishes especially favourable conditions for a development rather high vehicle power.He carries on scientific and practical work in association with a number of Russian and foreign corporations.