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Reduction iron ore

reduction iron ore

The principle of the reduction process using reducing gas is shown in Fig.
Component Unit Value 1 Pellet ore blend ratio Ratio 80:20 2 Specific productivity tons/hour 150 3 Process gas flow N cum/hour 165,000 4 Process gas CO2.0-21.0 5 Reformer bon cadeau spectacle fnac box temperature Deg C 1,130 6 Reformed gas temperature Deg C 930 7 Reformed gas CH4.
We aimed to compare the reduction quality and clinical outcome.
Production from many of the Midrex plants exceeds their design capacity.The O2 injection practice has resulted in increase in the reducing gas temperatures to more than 1000 deg C and further increase in the burden temperature upto 70 deg.In the reducer, hydrogen reacts with the preheated iron oxide to form reduced iron and water: Fe2O33H22Fe3H2O.The top gas containing CO2 and H2O is pressurized by a compressor, mixed with natural gas, preheated and fed into a reformer furnace.

It prohibits gas flows from fluidizing the furnace burden.
The benefit of the preheating of the natural gas is higher product carbon and higher production rates since larger amount of the transitional natural gas can be added.
In this case, DRI is discharged from the DRI shaft kiln onto a fully enclosed and insulated conveyor, designed to minimize temperature loss and prevent deoxidation.
There are three primary reasons for this efficiency namely (i) since the reactor is filled completely with ore burden, the volumetric productivity is usually very high, (ii) a moving packed bed ensures that each piece of the ore burden experiences the same temperature profile, gas.This coal mining project is an open pit mine located in Nigeria, announced by mining company - Western Goldfields - that it has discovered 62,400,000 tonnes of proven reserves of coal deposits worth US1.2 billion which could be used for the generation of electric power.It is flexible as well as a versatile reactor.Sensible heat is recovered from the reformer flue gas to preheat the feed gas mixture and the burner combustion air.It involves the consumption of solid carbon (direct reduction) and the use of gaseous carbon (indirect reduction) and.Consider a blast furnace which is charged with iron ore coke and flux of the.The history of the Midrex process goes back to 1966 when Donald Beggs of the Surface Combustion Corporation conceives the idea for the Midrex direct reduction process. .Although promo biere colruyt a portion of H2CO is consumed by combustion with O2, raising the temperature of the reducing gas improves the productivity of the shaft furnace by 10.